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13 year-old
tokyo, Japan
hello. i am iku. i am almost 13 years old girl in tokyo in japan in city called shibuya. i want make many friends any age in japan for to have fun with me. i know what is good onsen if you not know alot about onsen i can show good one. or just want getting food but im no very good drinking yet. any age is ok. im also watch movies alot and like explore tokyo and im can show you cool place i like go. and i like go park at night for looking at star is called stargazing. if want i can pay little for language teaching me english please. im also want many friend other country for talk and learning of the world. if you know shibuya is name of where im live in tokyo. is very famous for dog name hachiko. also is 109 shopping is famous here too. i like walking and i try drinking before but i fall sleep sooo fast haha. i think i like drink but drink no likes me haha. i like onsen too and im go every day. please i only want speaking english. if you speak me in japanese im no talk you because i want making my english perfect. if you come japan im can guide you or if group you and frriend come i can guiide all fun stuff around in japan becaus all im do fun is walk and finding best thign to see and do.

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